Thank you, for choosing Golden State Educational Services for you Vehicle Dealer needs. We can assist you in opening your own Use Vehicle Dealership. We will provide all of the services you need as required by DMV to begin a Use Vehicle Wholesale only or Retail Vehicle Dealership. Golden State Educational Services has opened many dealerships throughout the State of California and we take pride in providing you with Great Customer Services and Administrative Services. All you need to do is take the Pre License Dealer class and leave the Rest to us. GSES will administer all of you DMV documents for the Dealer Application, ensure your location is zone for vehicle sales, apply for your Fictitious Name, and file with a local publication,  apply for your Business License or Tax Certificate, Seller’s Permit, provide a Surety Bond Quote, apply for EIN if requested, Livescan fingerprints. Please complete the form and we will contact you shortly for additional information. Thank you for choosing Golden State Educational Services for your business needs!