Well you made good choice when you came to our website. You NEED A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, by a Dealer Education Provider. For both Used Vehicle and Wholesale Only Dealers.

Once you have received your certificate from Golden State Educational Services, you are well on your way to take the Exam with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Same Day. The Pre-License Class is 6 hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the 1st and 2nd Saturday of the. month. Call now to reserve your space today… (916) 271.8990

$25 Deposit toward your class. Non-Refundable if you miss to schedule appointment.

Yes, if it’s been more than 2 years. We offer referral services for discounted rates on LiveScan Fingerprinting as well.
That is a good question and only you can decide. You have several options such as a Sole Proprietorship, form a Limited Liability Company, LLC or Corporation (C Corporation). These are all great options and I can help you help yourself make the Best Decision for you and your Business.

Call today at 916.271.8990 for more information.

Yes, call so we can go over these questions and get you in the right Direction fast.
Once you complete your packet and turn it in with your Non-Refundable fee of $176 to the Department of Motor Vehicles Occupational Licensing. The Department has 120 days to make a investigation and decision to approve you for a Used Retail Vehicle Dealer or Wholesale Only License.