Bridgett Smalls is the owner of Golden State Educational Services. Ms. Smalls is very passionate about what she does she is excited to help you to help yourself in this endeavor to begin a vehicle dealership or to continue your business as a vehicle retail or wholesale dealer. Like yourself Ms. Smalls is also an entrepreneur she enjoys what she does that is helping you to help yourself. Bridgett understands the rules and regulations of the state of California and what they are looking for when approving a new license vehicle dealer and for continued education as a used vehicle dealer.

The founder of Golden State Educational Services (GSES) , C.T. Stewart she had a vision for GSES to provide excellent service for vehicle dealers and also educational needs for notary public certification through Red Cross for CPR and Certified for Certified Nursing Assistants. After working alongside with Bridgett Smalls,  Ms Stewart was able to see the potential in the growth of the business under the ownership of Ms. Smalls and offered to sell the business if she was able to continue the educational services that was needed for the community.

Golden State Educational Services provides you  with great service for your vehicle dealers throughout the State of California, Corporation filing and Administrative Services and we also offer resume writing, career building,  life coaching and so much more. Bridgett Smalls has over 25 years in administration customer service and management.  Ms Smalls bring to the table a high regard of integrity and leadership and professionalism with these great qualities are just a few the things that she will be able to convey to you doing the course of your Pre -license or continue education class,  again we thank you for the opportunity to provide you with excellent educational needs for your business and we look forward to working with you in years to come.

With appreciation and Sincerity!